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Shipping Integration Based on Distance (using Google or Bing Maps APIs)


Shipping Integration Based on Distance

Shipping by distance leverages the Google or Bing Maps APIs to figure out the distance from your store to the shipping address. In the WSM you can set up how much you want to charge for X kilometers/miles.

The articles below describe how to get a Google (section 1) or Bing (section 3) API key, how to use the integration with shipping rules, and how to set your store to use miles or kilometers. The second set of article cover how to set the shipping integration for your specific POS or ERP system.

In the case of Bing, you can also specify shipping rules to restrict shipping methods based on geographic polygons, which are defined using sets of coordinates.

102 Distance Based Shipping Integration. Shipping Rules
104 Distance Based Shipping Integration. Units of Distance
201 Distance Based Shipping Integration. Set up for RMS
103 Distance Based Shipping Integration. Limitations
203 Distance Based Shipping Integration. Adding Shipping method to a Country
Setting up geographic polygon for shipping rules
202 Distance Based Shipping integration. Set up for POS2009. VRE, TGS, REPRO, RMH
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