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Product Update: Email Manager


Email Manager

Thanks to @andy and http://www.mypetwarehouse.com.au/ we have been able to start grouping the management of emails issued by your web store into a single interface in your WebStore Manager (WSM). The new interface can be found in under Marketing->Manage Store Emails.

Organization of the interface

The interface groups emails into similar areas: Order Related Email and Misc Emails. Emails not currently in the interface continue to be managed the usual way. Each email has a panel that:

  • lists the fields that can be modified;
  • displays options that effect this email;
  • a master switch that can be used to disable this email;
  • a reset button;
  • a link to the template editor for the email;

Changes made to the panel take effect immediately, there is no save button. The fields that take emails will parse any email entered and reject any poorly formed emails. If you wish to enter a list of emails please separate them with commas.

If you don’t see the Template button then you don’t have the edit template privilege. Please ask support your superior for these as they are account specific.

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