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New Payment Gateway Integration - Cardknox



Nitrosell is happy to introduce the new Cardknox payment gateway integration. This gateway offers support for online payments in the USA.

If you want to start using Cardknox on your webstore you will first need to talk with Cardknox to set up an account for your store.

To enable this gateway on your webstore you will need to enter the following information from Cardknox into your Webstore Manager (under Payment Gateway configurations):

  • Cardknox xKey

Features available:

  • Delayed Capture

You can enable delayed capture (where the funds are captured when you process an order through your Point of Sale).

  • CVV and AVS Checks

In order to prevent costly chargebacks and fraud, checks are made on all cards submitted as tender, with automatic catching of bad CVV or AVS data. When cards fail these checks, the purchaser is immediately informed of the problem and invited to remedy the faults. The creation of an order does not go ahead until the data entered is acceptable.

  • Strict AVS

The strict AVS check narrows the acceptable range of AVS responses the website will accept from your purchasers. AVS is an address/zip code matching system. Enabling this will mean that shoppers that carefully enter their address details should have no problems making purchases.

The following card types are supported by the Cardknox payment gateway:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover/Novus

We anticipate Cardknox being a suitable match for many retailers in USA.

If you are interested in availing of this payment gateway, you will need to first contact Cardknox and then raise a ticket with our support staff, who will gladly steer you through the setup.

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