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Major issue in Pam



Our descriptions have being pulled into wrong products on its own.

eg 06403 3 pack of multi chick (wrong description

06402 same thing

this has happened across other products also

can you let me know whats happening


Whats going on with these issues that are happening

Hi David,

Can you clarify that you are using PAM in your HQ environment, connected to your HQ database, and you haven’t connected it to a Store Operations database?

The only way that could happen is if the item IDs changed, which would break the database constraints and seems highly unlikely. The above is far and away the most likely cause.

Since this issue is specific to your environment, it would be best to open a ticket to get further assistance.



Hi Donogh

Nothing has changed from our side here, I also opened a ticket on this issue yesterday



My understanding is the support team has an unusually high backlog of issues at present. I notice the ticket was opened at near close of business yesterday (5:11pm). Our normal response expectation for new tickets is within 24 hours.

Can you advise if the data is also appearing incorrectly on your store ?

In any case, I have asked the support team to address your ticket ahead of 6 others in the queue that were opened before yours.


Hi Donogh

I am sorry to hear that, but we have live products ie Irish decorations pulling in Easter Descriptions that are currently live as we speak



I understand the support team is actively working with you. I’m afraid I cannot do anything more for you from here.


Hi David,

I understand the support team has identified the issue: you have been changing items’ extended descriptions in Store Operations rather in than in Headquarters.

Since HQ has the master data, and Sync pushes item data from there, you should always edit item data there first, then push the changes down to your individual Store Ops databases using worksheets.

Will close this topic.