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How do I get verified with Google for my Google Feed?


How do I get verified with Google for my Google Feed?

There are 3 ways to get verified

  1. Adding a tag: you can do this yourself by going to Webstore Manager - Choose Marketing from the top menu and then Select SEO and search for Add Extra Meta Tags. Tick on the add extra meta tags box and you will be able to enter the Google verification which will look something like this: <meta name="google-site-verification" content="uVzrrQFAU2P2PqbladibalDv97fm2Dj9ZOZec0pa-eKA"/>
  2. Adding a TXT record or CNAME record: - Find out the TXT to be added and send a ticket to Customer Support
  3. Uploading an HTML file - you will need FTP access to your site. Please ask customer support for your FTP credentials so you can copy a file with some dummy content using the name given to you by Google. Blue

Note if a retailer is still in staging and their domain is not live then you cannot verifiy with Google using file transfer or Meta Description
You must choose the Update TXT record on DNS Option - Please Contact Nitrosell Customer Support and supply the text given to you by Google it will look something like this:

Full information is available from Google Here