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Adding Department Group to Coupon Rules?



Hi James,

Just wondering if it would be trivial for you to add the department group information to the available coupon restriction rules? I’m not sure if others use this feature but having this in play would allow us to easily restrict the coupon to available product groups without needing to group the products individually (on mass) via either themes or a custom item field.



Actually I’ve just realised this isn’t easy to accomplish via Pam either as the same sort of restrictions are in place there. I will basically have to build out the rule either including or excluding departments one at a time which seems a little unnecessary.



that was a very cunning use of the word trivial. It somehow triggered the chest-beating testosterone-fuelled Y-gene instinct that found itself rapidly cursing and name-calling. However, a pull request with the change is now in place and should be live by the start of next week.

Give it a whirl and let me know if it working as it should.




Thanks so much James, this will be very handy indeed.


Hi James.

I’ve only just had the need to use this once more and wasn’t able to as the only possible options are to configure equal or not equal. For this to be beneficial or different to selecting departments one at a time we really need this to offer a like or contains option for the rule generation.

Our department codes look like so; dog-128, dog-129 etc. I really need to be able to create a rule on this field based on a like search that contains ‘dog-’ etc so that I can snag all departments with a single rule.

Hoping that will be possible?




I got a few hours to investigate this. You should now be able to use REGEX with department codes in coupon code rule generation. Give it a whirl and let us know about any unusual behavior



Thanks James. I’m not seeing that option on beta however.


but it works on mine…

now that the code is on the beta server you should also be able to see it :slight_smile: