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Yahoo DMARC policy causing mail from Google to be rejected


We don’t recommend a store having a yahoo.com as an e-mail address e.g. yourname@yahoo.com
it’s much more widely accepted to have your domain name after the @ in your e-mail address.

This issue is caused by Yahoo’s policy change

DMARC.org was formed to allow email senders to influence unauthenticated mail by publishing their preferences in a flexible policy. It also enables participating email providers to provide reports so that senders can improve and monitor their authentication infrastructure.
Google is participating in DMARC along with other email domains like AOL, Comcast, Hotmail, and Yahoo! Mail. In addition, senders like Bank of America, Facebook, Fidelity, LinkedIn, and Paypal have already published policies for Google and other receivers to follow.

It affects all mail providers including Google. Google so far have not provided a full solution
Here’s what they’ve provided us with: https://support.google.com/mail/answer/6010282

Solution from Google