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Webstore API not working


I was following the example in https://github.com/NitroSell/WebStoreAPI. However, I was not able to make requests to https://api.internal.nitrosell.com/. Could you please let me know if the URL is correct?


Hi @pyie_zone

The URL should be https://api.nitrosell.com instead. We will correct that typo in the code samples shortly.



Thank you @franclin_foping. The link is responding now. But, when I call getitem endpoint /item.json? with all required parameters - keywords,hash,userid and time (ref: https://github.com/NitroSell/WebStoreAPI#retrieve-an-item-given-its-keywords), I got 400 Bad request with following error message:
“error”:“Some key parameters are missing!”.


Hi @pyie_zone

To help us troubleshoot the issue, please do you mind providing some examples of the requests that you were trying?



Here is the example request URL I made to item endpoint.




Thanks for that. Please do you mind providing output = json in the parameter list?

So your request should look like:

This is necessary as searching for an item will result in a number of formats and it is very important to specify which one you are after.

Moving forward, we should probably get that information from the HTTP Accept request header. This will also be included in the next update of the documentation.

Hope this makes sense.


Thanks Franclin. I added output=json in the request but I am still getting the same error message.

{“error”:“Some key parameters are missing!”,“message”:“400 Bad Request”,“parameters”:{“hash”:"[myhash]",“userid”:"[myuserid]",“keyword”:“orlando”,“output”:“json”,“time”:“1457720503”},“request”:“GET”}


Thanks for your feedback @pyie_zone

Do you please mind adding the following parameters as well? Apologies if I forgot to mention them in my previous message:

  • submitted with the value 1
  • api with the value 1

So the request should be:

Let us know if that solves the problem.



Hi Franclin,

I used the request below and finally get the data. Now, there are only 20 records coming back even when I don’t add keyword search. Is there a way I can get more than 20 records? I can’t find anything in the documentation.


Thanks for your help!


Hi @pyie_zone

Please can you confirm what results you are getting when searching for the same keywords on your store?



Hi @franclin_foping

I got more than 20 results using the same keywords on the website.



Hi @pyie_zone

We have just released a fix for that issue. We have also updated the documentation to reflect the latest changes.

Also, please note that the parameters request, api, and output are now optional.

Be aware of the two parameters used in the request: start and count. You can view them as the offsets to cap the number of records to be returned. Start indicates the page number with the first page being 0 and count is the number of records to be returned. The count parameter defaults to the number of records to be displayed as specified in your WebStore Manager.

Hope this helps.