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Weborders are showing a different timezone on POS


We noticed yesterday that the orders in POS after being downloaded are set to a different time zone. Our store is set to UTC within WSM, and the order email confirmations are coming through with the correct time as are the order details on WSM, but the order that have been downloaded seem to be in US/Canada time 6 hours behind!
Have any settings changed, is there a way to rectify this?



the time zone setting only effects certain functionality on the platform at the moment. Anything not updated to take account of the time zone option should be operating at UTC time.



This seems to have changed since last week but we haven’t changed any settings, how can it be fixed to show the correct UTC time instead of UTC-6?



when you clarify exactly what you mean when you say that the time on the downloaded orders are behind. Are you referring to what you see on the POS screen, the GWO window or emails that issue?



The GWO window within POS