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Using Shipping Rules


Shipping rules enable you to alter the properties of a particular shipping method based on certain conditions that you specify. For instance, if the weight of an order exceeds a certain limit, you can increase the shipping charges by a percentage (or an amount) that you specify. You can add multiple shipping rules per shipping method.

To set up shipping rules, perform the following steps:

  1. In NSc WebStore Manager, under Configuration, select Shipping.

  1. Next to the desired country name, select Shipping. The list of shipping methods defined for that country are displayed.

  1. Next to the desired shipping method, select Rules to create a new shipping rule, or to change or delete existing ones. If no shipping rules are currently configured for that country, the following page is displayed:

  1. To create a shipping rule, select add a new rule. The Rule Configuration page is displayed.

  1. For example, to add a standard shipping charge of $10.00 to all orders with a total weight of over 50 pounds, under Condition Source, select Order Weight. Under Condition Operation, select Is Greater Than. Click Add.

  1. Under Then perform the following action, select Increase charge by amount. For Amount, specify $10.00.

  1. Click Save Rule to save your changes. The new shipping rule is added to the list of rules for that country and shipping carrier.

The Date Field in Rules

There are three fields in the Rule Configurator that need further explanation. Date - Day Name, Date - Month, Date - Hour (24hr format). These can be used to determine the time of day that rules can be applied.

Date - Day Name. The value text box will take days like this: Monday, Tuesday, etc.

Date - Month. The value text box will take months in 01-12 format. For example, January would be 01, February would be 02, etc.

Date - Hour. The hour, in 24 hour format stripped of all 0’s. This make 0800 into 8, 1400 into 14, etc. It is very important to realise that the clock refers to the server time not the local time of the store, Unless you’ve enabled and set your webstore time with “Set store timezone” in the WSM. Servers operate on UTC (aka GMT or Zulu hour). UTC is unaffected by summer saving time where this applies. If you have summer saving time where your store is, then make allowance for this when making a time based rule.

More Shipping Rule Examples

New item-based options for condition source values have been added to the shipping rules.

Example 1

You can now specify extra shipping charges for selected items. To do so, using PAM, populate the unused SubDescription3 field for certain products (such as “heavy” products, such as bananas) with a value representing an extra shipping charge (such as 10). Then, set up a shipping rule such that if a customer orders a “heavy” product, the extra shipping charge applies: if Item Subdescription 3 is greater than 0, then increase charge by condition source value.

Example 2

You can also use the new shipping rule options to add an item attribute that, if set on an item in the basket, removes the shipping option (for example, if alcohol cannot be shipped outside the state of California). For example, perform the following steps:

In NSc PAM, select Attributes > Add New Attribute.
For Attribute Name, enter Availability and change its type to String.
Click OK. You’ll see the newly added field as a new column in PAM.
Select an appropriate item’s cell in this new column and assign a string value that signifies that this is an in-state only item, for example, CA_only.
Click Commit Changes.
Now, you need to add a custom field to the Item table named product_weblinxcustomtext1. This custom field will be mapped to use Availability (as created earlier in PAM):

In NSc Sync Configuration, under Advanced, select Field Mappings.
Right-click Item, then select Add Field, then PAM Field.
For Remote Field Name, enter product_weblinxcustomtext1. For Field Source, enter nitroasl_pamtable.Availability.
Click Validate.
Click OK, then re-synchronize your WebStore.
The product_weblinxcustomtext1 field will now contain the value of the Availability field as assigned in PAM. You can reference this field to configure a shipping rule:

In WebStore Manager, under Configuration, select Shipping.
Select a country, then select Configure Shipping.
Next to a shipping method, select Configure Rules.
Select add a new rule.
For Condition Source, select Item Custom Text 1. For Condition Operator, select Is Equal To. For Value, enter CA_only (the value as earlier specified in PAM).
Click Add.
For Condition Source, select Shipping Address State Code. For Condition Operator, select Is Not Equal To. For Value, enter CA (for California).
Click Add.
Select the action Remove shipping option.
Click Save Rule.
In this example, we would then recommend that you add a general message on your WebStore’s shipping page that states that alcohol can’t be shipped outside your state.