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Two web orders for 1 amazon order


Hi guys

We had a little snafu that I thought I would bring your attention to:

We received two web orders: WebOrder #1418014132 and WebOrder #1418011768 with the same customer name, address etc. However in amazon that customer is only shown once with 1 order 113-7442071-6652269

You might want to take a look at this issue. This is the first and only time it has happened to us.



Hi Bob,

Upon verification, it turns out that the 2 orders numbers correspond to two different orders. Order #1418014132 matches the Amazon order that you point in your message whereas the order #1418011768 is for an Amazon order whose first 3 digits are 114.

Can you please double check and get back to us please?



HI Franclin

The reason we thought it was two web orders for a single amazon order is that we only had 1 amazon order in the amazon portal for that person and an order for qty 1. Also, Shipworks (which you know independently downloads orders from Amazon) only had that person listed once with the 1 order. If you can supply me with a full amazon order # (the one that begins with 114) I might be able to search for it, but for the customer name we only have 1 order in Amazon and in Shipworks.




The full Amazon order number associated to that order was 114-8421262-1453806



We have that order # in our amazon portal but for a different person than what was on the web order I sent you. Wow, I just found that I have two nitrosell web orders with the same web order # ( WebOrder #1418011768 ) for two different people!




Referring to the above graphic, the web order for the person named Aaron was the one that was a duplicate of another web order to that person. The Amazon order # you gave me was for the Stephen order.

Don’t you guys just love me? :smile:



Hi Bob,

Thanks for your feedback. Our records show that the order #1418011768 was associated to Stephen.

Order #1418014132 was indeed linked to Aaron.

The way we usually handle duplicate orders is by appending a dash at the end of the order number but then those orders will have to have the same prefix. This is not the case here.

The question would be where did you get those notifications from? Shipworks or elsewhere?

Let us know your thoughts.



What you are seeing is the email we get from Nitrosell for each web order. You guys sent us both those emails.



Here is a graphic that searches my email for that weborder #. All these are nitrosell generated emails.


Here is my final graphic showing the search in my emails for Aaron. Only 1 of these was a valid order, but since we couldn’t match up the amazon orders with the web orders, it was processed. The way we found that one of these orders couldn’t be valid was that shipworks only had one order from Aaron and we confirmed that through the Amazon seller portal.


Hi Bob,

Thanks for providing that information.

I will have to dig into it a little bit more and get back to you as soon as possible.



We have the same problem again. Two Web orders for 1 Amazon order. Here are the details:

Amazon Order 103-5921525-3797067 - J. Randolph

Nitrosell Web Orders 1418265675 & 1418266798 - Both with J. Randolph

J. Randolph only appears once in Amazon and in Shipworks. We arbitrarily assigned Order 1418265675 to that amazon order.

Don’t know where the other Nitrosell Web order came from. It’s not a valid amazon order.



And another one. Here are the details:

Amazon Order: 106-1876096-9366607 - Tim Murphy

Nitrosell Web Orders: 1418307348 & 1418308523 - Both with Tim Murphy

Tim Murphy only appears once in Amazon and Shipworks.



Hi Bob,

Thanks for reporting this issue to us. I can confirm that this is very much a bug and a fix is on its way.

I will let you know once it has been deployed.

Our records show that order 1418265675 corresponds to 109-2396597-8688218 whereas order 1418266798 is for 103-5921525-3797067.

However, if I reverse engineer and try to find our orders associated to 103-5921525-3797067, I could find two orders (1418266798 and 1418265675-2). I believe that is the root cause of the issue. It is common to use the hyphen character in the order number if there is already that order number in the database. So for instance, orders 1418265675-2 and 1418265675 are two orders completely different.

On a bright side of things, with our upcoming shipworks integrations coupled with the fix, this sort of issues is sure to belong to the past.

Kindest regards,


Hi Franclin

Glad to hear you found the issue. We are now getting 2 web orders for 1 amazon order about 2 to 3 times a day. We now have a process in place to catch it. Let us know when the fix is in.



Hi Bob,

I just released a fix Franclin committed earlier. It also includes much more logging so we can better diagnose the other issues.

Let us know if you encounter any further duplicates, please.

Kind regards,


Hi Bob,

We noticed that the following Amazon order (102-2212961-8736221) has generated two orders in your database (1418432890 and 1418431617-2) at around mid-night UTC last night.

The good news is that by digging into the logs, we believe we got to the root of the issue and a patch has been released to mitigate the situation.

I will keep an eye on your orders to see how things are panning out eventually.



Thanks, I’ll let you know how things go this weekend.



Hi Bob,

For your information, so that you know that the fix is effective. This Amazon order 111-2584891-6002655 would have generated two orders but is now only associated to order #1418516593-2.

So, I am led to believe that it is safe to consider this matter solve for the time being.