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Ticket #117003 - Paypal login issues via checkout redirect



I’ve raised a ticket but also wanted to raise awareness around an issue we’re having today that’s preventing some customers from being able to login to Paypal when being redirect during the checkout process. Customers are however able to login directly to Paypal using the same credentials.

It would be appreciated if someone is able to investigate ASAP.

Thank you.


Hi @andy

We haven’t touched that part of the codebase in a while. The fact that your customers are being redirected correctly to Paypal and their credentials being subsequently denied may lead to a problem at their end.

The issue seems to be affecting other customers not related to us as reported here http://downdetector.com/status/paypal

We got in touch with Paypal an hour ago and they advised us to open a case in the Merchant Technical Support website (www.paypal.com/mts) and we have done so. That team can only be contacted by email. We advise other retailers to contact them as well.

We are now awaiting more information from them.

I will let you know once they get back to us.


P.S: The live notifications (https://www.paypal-notify.com//eventnotification/event_details?eventId=7377) seem to indicate that they were some major patches released last night.


Thanks Franclin.

Like I say we did receive quite a few calls about this issue today but as I didn’t speak with the customers I wasn’t able to confirm which browser or device was causing issue as not all payments were affected.

I’ll update the ticket if I can find out any additional information.


Hi @andy

It would appear that they have fixed the issue. I just tried to login on a few other retailers’ Webstores and it seems to be working as expected.

In case you want to contact Paypal, the incident number is 160722-000057

They should be in a position to provide you with all the relevant information. As I said earlier, we haven’t changed that part of the codebase for a while so my conclusion at this stage would be a temporary outage at Paypal.

Hope this helps.



Hi Franclin

We are also having the same issue, I am not able to login to the PayPal account when we try to pay a weborder. We have also had no PayPal transactions today which is unheard of.




Have just checked again and still the same problem




Hi @markb

As I said earlier, this is definitely an issue at Paypal. I opened a case this morning and they confirmed my suspicion.

To be more complete, here is a copy of the reply that I got from them this afternoon at 3pm GMT.

Thank you for contacting PayPal Merchant Technical Services.
currently we experiencing some login issues and as result some of the customers my have trouble with login into checkout.
Our research team is working on this issue as priority .
Unfortunately at the moment I do not have any fix time.
I will let you know as soon as I get any update from them.

My sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Feel free to come back to me answering this email for more information,


Merchant Technical Support

Hope this helps.



Thanks Franclin. I am pleased to say that all appears to be working again now.



Hi @markb

Yes indeed, I got an email from Paypal early this morning confirming that.

However, if you or anyone else is still experiencing the issue, I would advise them to reach out to Paypal directly.

Kindest regards,


Hi blazin4008

The PayPal issue with ourselves was only since the 22nd July and is now working correctly again (since the 24th July). Apart from this issue it is normally stable and works well.