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Tackling Potential Content Duplication Issues in Your WebStore


Hi @franclin_foping,

The bugs that you reported as fixed on Sept 19th have now returned and we are NOT getting the 301 redirects anymore. We also don’t get 404s for empty listings pages.

What is going on? This is not the only bug reintroduced - meta data problems are also present again which had been fixed. What is going on? It seems a massive struggle to be able to move forward (and a waste of your and my time!).



Hi @emma

Apologies for the issues that you are having with your store.

I have just checked it again and here are my initial thoughts:

Moving forward, I will get back to you once we have nailed down the metadata issue. Meanwhile, please feel free to get back to us if you need more assistance.

Kindest regards,


Hi @franclin_foping,

I am talking about these types of pages:

  1. www.broughtons.com/store/search/brand/Kirkpatrick-Ironmongery/
    You fixed this a couple of weeks ago so it redirected to www.broughtons.com/store/search/brand/kirkpatrick-ironmongery/
    I tested it back then and it was definitely fine.
    Now the error is back.

  2. A listing page that has no data:
    All indexed by google but these no longer exist and I don’t think these are proper 404s?

  3. Yes the out of bounds page numbers that you previously fixed is still working fine, I don’t have any issues there :slight_smile:

  4. I wasn’t trying to suggest that this is related to the meta data problem. I am trying to point out that there are quite a few instances where you fix things then they go wrong again - that meta data issue is one of them, and there is an example further up this post and I can think of quite a few others in my experience. So I am trying to suggest that there may be an issue with your procedures, policies and source code control that allows old code to overwrite fixes.



Hi @emma

Thanks for clarifying this for us.

The second point will be addressed shortly. By the way, please note that the original targets of the 404 on listing pages were department pages, then we added category and most recently subcategory pages. You can see how these changes were incrementally added to the codebase by reading the previous responses to customers’ responses. Brand and theme pages were not initially reported but of course, we will extend the fix to them as well, that’s not a problem at all.

Very glad that you are happy with the out of bound pages, I was under the impression yesterday that they were not working for you.

For the last point, we will take your advice on board and make the necessary adjustments internally. As I said yesterday, the metadata issue is not related to this forum thread but of course, it will be given our full attention as it is of paramount important from an SEO point of view.

I will revert to you once the fix has been rolled out. Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if we can be of any help.

Kindest regards,


Hi @emma

An update here:

We released a fix for the empty brand/theme pages and the links that you reported before are now yielding a 404 response. For instance, http://www.broughtons.com/store/search/brand/Outdoor-Nautical-Lighting/

Also, I understand the issue with the metadata is solved as per 119274: HTML Headers (metatags) missing from Department, Category pages

I will get back to you once the patch for the 301 redirects is in place. I should stress that this issue is only affecting stores with legacy URL scheme.

Thanks for your custom.



Hi @franclin_foping,

We have recently switched to beta and SSL, and we are experiencing a small error on page 2 of Brand pages. The prev URL is appending the brand name to the end of the actual prev URL. This same error had occured back in April and you guys were able to fix it then: Tackling Potential Content Duplication Issues in Your WebStore

Example page: https://www.racksforcars.com/THULE/?page=2

Canonical URLs:



The prev URL in this case should be https://www.racksforcars.com/THULE/

Could you have a look at this issue please?

Thanks very much,



Hi @tylerkrys

Thanks for reporting that. It is now fixed.