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Shipping Coupons


Shipping Promotion Codes (Shipping Coupons)

As we have had several requests for promotion coupons that effect change to the shipping panel in the checkout we have expanded the promotion code (web coupons) functionality to support this. This is now live on the beta branch of the platform (Sept 2016).

Possible Use Cases

The most common request has been for a coupon that offers free shipping if a shopper spends over a certain amount. Implementing this is as simple as creating a shipping web coupon with a 100% discount and a restriction that it only applies to basket totals over your chosen amount.

To take this to the next level, you can use rules to restrict the discount to customers based in a certain country/state. This allows you to offer targeted discounts.

You could also use the rules to restrict the web coupon to only work for certain shipping types.

You can make a coupon that reduces shipping by a chosen amount if you have a certain item in your basket.

There is nothing stopping you from applying some or all of the above at the same time. The system will not reduce the price of shipping below 0.

How to Implement


In the WebStore Manager(WSM) open Marketing->Web Coupons. Here you will find an interface that allows you to generate web coupons. When you create a new web coupon a window will pop up with three tabs:

The Details tab

Here you can give you coupon a name, generate a code and set the discount type. For shipping coupons use either Shipping Amount Off or Shipping Percentage Off. You can then set the amount or percentage off shipping that the coupon gives.

The Restrictions tab

Here you can set limits on the web coupons. You can limit the coupon use with a minimum order value, a maximum usage count, a maximum use per customer, an expiration date and restrictions on the price level of the customer.

The Rules tab

This is an optional tab, most people are happy to set restrictions and leave it there. However, for the brave, we have a rules system that you can use to fine tune your web coupons. It is this tab that allows you to target certain states/ countries or certain shipping types.

Note that in rules the area title Then perform the following action allows you to make the coupon active or not. The box to the right of this drop down is ignored. The discount offered is that entered in the Discount Amount input of the first tab, Details.

The Checkout

All the shopper has to do is enter their shipping coupon code in the provided box and the checkout will automatically modify the shipping and basket panels to reflect the coupon.

Feature list by server-side version/release channel

Hi James,
This coupon type will be very useful, excellent work.

I tried to make a free shipping coupon that could be used on any item of a specific brand, but noticed that the Item Brand condition was missing.

I went back to look at an existing coupon code we have set up, and found the following condition sources missing from the rule configurator when making a shipping coupon:

  • Item Department
  • Item Category
  • Item Brand
  • Item Theme

Are there any reasons that those conditions are missing when building shipping coupon rules? Currently, Item UPC and Item Name are the only item-related conditions available.

Those four conditions are available when making a non-shipping coupon, and make it super easy to have a coupon target a specific brand or even an entire department instead of adding large amounts of item codes one by one.




thanks for your suggestions, I have added them to the internal suggestion list and hopefully it will be gotten to the next time we iterate on this feature.



It would be nice if we could create rules based on weights for free shipping. Example: Weights greater than 60lbs do not get free shipping. Is there a way to do this?


@sosterlund to clarify your request:

you want a shipping coupon that will not trigger if the weight of the basket is over a certain amount?
a shipping rule that will not trigger is the weight of any one item in the basket is over a certain amount.

The reason for this rather pedantic question is the following. Shipping coupons act on the basket as a whole, not on specific items within a basket. Saying that, rules can be triggered by the presence of specific items in the basket, but the effect is applied to the whole basket.


Thanks for the response we are doing this in RMS instead of using shipping coupons.


We sell wine, it’d be great if there was a way to trigger a discount based on the # of items in the cart. I know we can set up a rule in RMS to provide a discount on 1 item, where 12 are ordered. But i haven’t figured out a way to trigger a discount when 12 items are ordered, 1 of each. Any way to create that feature?


Hi Will,

If you assign the same mix’n’match scheme to all items, you can get it to behave that way.

Set up instructions here: Offering Microsoft RMS Discount Schemes on Your WebStore