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Search Query Links


Is it possible to create a link that takes the user to the search result page?

Like this for example…

<a href="/store/search.asp?query=Ethernet">Link that takes you to "search" page and searches for "Ethernet"</a>


Yes. “/store/filtered/k_yoursearchqueryhere/”.

So, if I want a link to “search” for “Ethernet” on my site, then I can use:

<a href="/store/filtered/k_ethernet/">Ethernet Cables</a>


Hi Derek,

I’m not sure if you still need help with this but the keyword parameter is probably what you’re after as it won’t rely on a specific filter being created. Keywords are added automatically based on the product titles but you can add additional keywords (comma separated) via PAM if required.

/store/search.asp?keyword=economy rack


There’s also a theme field within PAM which is used for cross selling which can offer another method of grouping products, i.e. sale items etc. Just replace the keyword parameter for theme and assign a theme value to products via PAM.

Hope it helps.


That is exactly what I was looking for! I do like that I can choose either ‘filtered’ OR ‘search’ for the results. The method you provided seems to be the cleanest option. Thank you!