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Retail Management Hero - integration/changeover


Greetings to All…

My store in a couple weeks will be switching from RMS Store Operations to Retail Management Hero.

I am interested in hearing from anyone who has gone through this migration. We currently are on RMS Store Operations v2.0.1000. We currently use Retail Hero Points, which, now is fully integrated with RMH.

I have search online for any manuals/documentation for RMH, but have come up empty. I genuinely want to avoid any _issues with the migration. _ Any suggestions or comments on the process would be greatly appreciated.
The TreeHouse Inc


Hi David- Did you end up doing this migration? We are looking into moving from RMS v2.0.1000 to RMH as well… wondering how yours went?


Hi Molly,

We did migrate to Retail Management Hero. The process was quite involved. There are days when I was still using RMS. As with any “upgrade”, there are so many affected areas with many Pros and Cons (too numerous to list here). All things considered, it was a good decision to migrate. BUT, if you decide to migrate, prepare yourself for the upcoming stress.



Are you using the HQ piece? That’s a big concern for us.