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Processing a Web Order Using GWO


Any orders made in the WebStore are downloaded when you click the Get Web Orders or Synchronize buttons on the main NSc Sync window. If an order is successfully downloaded, the following message is displayed:

Open Store Operations POS, then select the Get Web Orders button. The downloaded order is displayed at the top of the orders list:

To process the order, perform the following steps:

Double-click the order. The Select Customer dialog is displayed (Note: This dialog may not be displayed if the customer name is an exact match):

Note: NSc Get Web Orders matches customer records as follows:

The ordering customer name and contact details are displayed at the top of the dialog under Internet Order. The bottom of the dialog shows any existing RMS customers that have similar (or the same) details to that of the ordering customer. You have two options:

Select a matching customer from the existing list, and click Continue. This will process the order within RMS using the RMS customer selected, or
Click the Create New Customer button, which will create a new RMS customer using the name and contact details provided with the order.

The order can then be tendered within RMS in the same manner as a non-Web Order. Note that on actual tender in RMS, the amount the customer entered in the WebStore is automatically entered into the specific tender box on the tender screen, for example, for a credit card purchase:


The above dialog is displayed only if you have configured the Credit Card tender type correctly in both RMS and NSc WebStore Manager.

If you have configured NSc WebStore Manager to use Manual Processing in Configure > Payment, the credit card name and number will also be automatically downloaded into the POS for processing by the cashier.

If a single payment is attempted seven or more times before it is finally successful, the following warning will be appended to the Web order when it reaches the POS:

Warning: After X successive payment failures, payment for this WebStore order was finally successful. To ensure that this order isn’t fraudulent, you may wish to manually verify the customer’s details before fulfilling the order.


We have a problem processing web orders where the delivery address and the billing address are different. We are using GWO v2.1.0.41 and RMS.

When the web order downloads into RMS all looks ok - the delivery and billing address look fine. We convert it to a work order and transact off. When we go back into the work order, the delivery address now contains the billing address. This is because GWO has created both addresses in the customer record in RMS as delivery addresses and its not set the real delivery address to be the “primary” delivery address.

We have to manually go into the customer record and set the delivery address that the customer entered on the website as the primary shipping address. If we don’t spot these (and being human this happens) we end up shipping to the billing address and having customers (and ourselves) angry at our stupidity.

Is this something that can be fixed by configuration or is it a bug in GWO itself?


Hi Emma,
I’m sure NitroSell’s team has a better response, but I found this interesting as
I had a similar problem on a client’s site where they were running a 1.0 version of RMS. After much testing on our end on 1.0 and 2.0, we discovered that after a shipping address is attached to any work order, if the customer is edited at all, the shipping address was replaced with the billing address. We also found in the older version of RMS, just the act of converting a web order to a work order could trigger that change. Seeing it as an RMS deficiency we created a customization for our client that prompts them whenever a change in the shipping address is encountered. Perhaps this is something your RMS partner can assist with? At any rate, I hope you find a solution that works for you - cheers!



Can someone from Nitrosell respond on this one please - is there anything that can be done in GWO to change this? We would be willing for it to be chargeable. We deal with a fair number of non-web work orders and don’t have an issue with them - its just the ones coming from GWO that have the problem because it creates the billing address as a shipping address. We are on RMS v2.0.0126.


Hi @emma,

Thanks for the bug report.

@jbw: would you mind investigating, please? In summary the issue is:

 When the web order downloads into RMS all looks ok - the delivery and billing address look fine. We convert it to a work order and transact off. When we go back into the work order, the delivery address now contains the billing address. This is because GWO has created both addresses in the customer record in RMS as delivery addresses and its not set the real delivery address to be the "primary" delivery address.




When processing an order, if the order contains a shipping address then GWO will:

  1. Check if the customer has any shipping addresses on their customer record. If no addresses exist then GWO will create the billing address as a shipping address and mark that as ‘primary’.
  2. Create the shipping address under the customer if the address doesn’t already exist

GWO will then open the order and assign whatever addresses are on the order in the RMS transaction. In the case of an order shipping to an alternate address then the alternate shipping address will be assigned as the shipping address on RMS. It will do this (and I’ve tested it) even if the primary shipping address is something else.

Note that GWO assigns the billing address as primary because the expected behavior is that the billing address is considered the main address for the customer. It’s also taken the shipping address is more likely to be a once-off thing. We create the billing address as a shipping address because if an RMS customer has just one shipping address created then RMS will always use this - it’s not possible to ship to the billing address without the billing address actually being created as a shipping address.

If you then convert to a work order and tender off saving changes, then recall it, for me at least, the order still has the correct delivery and shipping addresses.

Am I missing something?

Possible causes: a database trigger, third party RMS module/hook or bug in RMS version?


Hi Jerry,

I can confirm there are no relevant triggers on Customer, Order, Transaction and ShipTo. The only third party in our RMS database is yourselves.

I’ve very carefully watched the process our team follow and I suspect the significant thing is this: once the order is sitting on the POS screen, they go into the customer record and edit the sales rep (for marketing purposes to track the origin of the customer, sometimes they tidy up address fields too).
If they miss this step out of editing the customer, all appears fine.

That is possibly the step you’re missing, and yes, it might be an RMS bug.

In our world, delivery address is not a transient or insignificant thing. Billing addresses might be architects or project offices, delivery addresses would be construction/renovation/building sites. Often delivery address is in an entirely different state or even country to the billing address so I can’t stress enough how massive it is in cost and time when we get it wrong. For example, we had an order yesterday with ship address in London UK, billing address in Hong Kong.

If we are out of step with your other customers in that we want the delivery address to be set as primary in GWO, is that something you can make configurable and charge us for?



Hi Emma

Thanks for coming back to me. So the issue is, if you load up the order with GWO, everything is fine. But if you then edit the customer the delivery address gets changed to the billing address - is this correct?



Hi Jerry,
That is correct and as part of our web order download process, we edit the customer - so it always goes wrong. Even if we changed our process to not edit the customer at this stage, it could easily be edited by any member of our sales team at any point between order creation and delivery (which could be order of weeks) so we can’t risk leaving the incorrect address as the primary.

So we may have to live with this as an RMS “feature”, but it wouldn’t cause us any issues if only GWO would set the proper delivery address as the primary delivery address.



It seems that by editing the customer you’re instructing RMS to re-set the customer and in doing this it overrides the delivery address with the primary address. Definitely sounds like a bug in RMS but we can work around it by adding an option to GWO which will cause it to set the shipping address as the primary address.


Hi Jerry,

That would be great, just what we need.



Hi there,

So how do I go about getting this change actioned?



@jbw, @donogh, can we get this development actioned please?



Hi Emma

Sorry, for some reason I never got notified that you had replied (we’re checking in to why that happened).

This development is currently underway. We expect to have a new build available for you within the next few days – I’ll keep you posted.



Hi Emma

This issue can be resolved by upgrading to GWO build 1401 (or later):


After installing you’ll need to enable the option to always set the shipping address as the primary address for that customer. To do this, you’ll need to execute the following query against the RMS database using SQL Management Studio or RMS Administrator. The query you’ll need is:

  INSERT INTO nitroasl_applicationsettings  ([app],[key],[value])  values ('CSF10','AlwaysUpdatePrimaryShipTo', 1);

You only need to run this query once per RMS database instance i.e. it’s not necessary to execute against every POS terminal or machine.

Let me know if you run in to any issues or have any further problems relating to GWO and it’s order processing functions!



Hi @jbw,

Thats awesome, thank you. Duly installed and waiting for the right sort of web order to test…


PS I too am not receiving notifications on this thread, I only saw your reply whilst looking for something else


Thanks for the heads up Emma - it seems we had a more general problem with people not always receiving notification emails. I believe it should be fixed now.

Let me know if you’ve any further issues!




Is there anyway to edit an order?
Customer placed an order and selected “In Store Pickup” by mistake.
He calls and he wants us to edit the order and ship it to him instead.



Hi Mohsen

Once you import the order in to RMS there’s nothing stopping you from modifying the order, this can be anything from changing the shipping address, changing the shipping method and/or changing items on the order.



Hi Jerry,

Then there will be changes in the order amount, and it gives me the error that modified order amount is higher than what the customer approved… Is that fine to move forward?