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Possible PAM enhancements?



Just want to let you know that i have customers asking about eBay and would rather sell on eBay then Amazon.

Thank you


Hi, We are also interested in ebay integration, any further thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!



We have also noticed an increase in the number of customers requesting an eBay integration and any further information on the future plans for this would be greatly appreciated.




Hi all,

Thank you for the feedback on eBay. Our main priority currently is the design features of the webstore. We are hoping to release a major update by year-end that will provide:

  • A refreshed default template that conforms to modern eCommerce look and feel and usability, including support for Bootstrap v3 (and Bootstrap modal windows for popups), the latest jQuery, and full responsiveness on mobile and tablet devices
  • A new menu builder feature, where you can build custom menus that include any kind of content supported on the store, including mixing auto-generated menu items such as store navigation with static elements such as links and snippets of HTML
  • An image gallery feature, similar to Wordpress, for managing non-product images across the store, in one place; this will also enable you to assign images to brands and themes
  • A slider ‘configurator’ for creating sliders on the home page and on other pages (which will use the image gallery feature)
  • A refreshed page content editor based on the latest version of CKEditor ( http://ckeditor.com/ )

We have a new server-side version of the store to accommodate the release: Alpha. Only demostores will be allowed on this version. However, we can set up a demostore for you to copy your existing store and try out the new templates.

Once we’re satisfied that the new templates are stable, we hope to release to the beta version in January.

The next project in line is an integration to Retail Management Hero, the successor to RMS: http://www.rrdisti.com/products/retail-management-hero

That is due for release at the end of Q1. We hope to release our integration at the same time, and we also hope to include support for the built-in loyalty solution. It presents a very solid upgrade path from RMS and we’re pretty excited about it!

In the meantime, we are also working on a Retail Pro 8 and 9 integration, and we are in the early stages of integration with LightSpeed POS.

Once all of those projects have been addressed, we will be in a better position to schedule work on the eBay integration. However, I can’t say we’re comfortable committing to a schedule yet.



Good to know.

Thanks Donogh.


We pull inventory to fulfill Ecomm sales from 5 of 17 of our retail locations. The on hands shown on our site are the total qty of those locations, but the qty attribute in PAM reflects the total on hand for all locations. I would like to have a qty attribute that would only show the on hands in the pulling locations. This would make managing out of stock sku’s much easier and faster.


Hi Don,

This could be explored as a chargeable customization. Please open a ticket on the portal if you would like to pursue it further.



Thanks, I just put in a ticket for it.


We may also be interested in this feature