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Paypal Express Checkout


Hi Donogh,

One thing to consider is that the Paypal Express option uses the address details stored within the customers Paypal account. If you deliver to this address the transaction is automatically covered against fraud providing you can provide proof of delivery if requested.

As much as the current system works reasonably well it does still lack the seller protection offered by the express payment option. We were duped of $900 recently as address details are not supplied to Paypal.

Here’s what’s on the Paypal payment confirmation.

You received a payment
of $58.22 AUD from xxxxxx
Seller Protection – Not Eligible

Anyhow, I’m not having a dig as like I say the Paypal option has been very robust. it’s just a small downfall of the current method but obviously there are the pros you had mentioned earlier.



Hi Andy,

Thanks for the feedback. My understanding was that we always passed this info, but I’ll defer to @franclin on it because he’s far more familiar with the integration than I am. Franclin, would you mind investigating this, please?



Is express checkout offered yet?


We will shortly be offering PayPal Express Checkout with our new Heartland Payments Secure Submit integration. If you were willing to switch to Heartland for payment processing, you would be able to avail of it within the next month or two.

Failing that, standalone PayPal Express Checkout is still on the roadmap, though we do not have a delivery date against it.


When set up with Paypal we were also advised that Paypal Express would be the safest option with respect to offering seller protection. I am in Canada and don’t think that payment option that was mentioned is available here, but I would also very much like to have a stand-alone Paypal Express option at some point soon to protect ourselves from potential fraud as much as possible. Maybe if a number of customers are interested such a customization could be divided up by enough people to make it affordable. When I first came abord I paid for the customization to offer Interac Online payments. Knowing what I know now and seeing how little my customers use it to check out I would not do so any more, but Paypal is of course used a lot more often.




I’d start a forum article about it and see if there’s any interest.


PayPal Standard Integration Not Passing Shipping Information

Hi All,

Having investigated this issue, I can confirm that we are definitely sending all the necessary fields in our Paypal Standard integration.

In order to be eligible for the Seller Protection, you need to manually enter the tracking information of the package in the Paypal order history. You can also print the shipping label there.

In your transaction history, if you click on any transaction, you will see that there is a section called Shipping where you should enter the relevant as shown in the attached screenshot.

The bad news is that there is currently no way to do so when you have processed the order at the Point of Sales, and this means manually entering the data in Paypal is required at this time.

Hope this helps.

Happy Easter.



So is it just not possible to pass that information over? I’ve started using PayPal as our shipping label creation method as it’s quick and easy and cheaper than other options. Getting the address information passed over would help us expedite the process.

It also appears that they are changing their shipping label creation so that the address information HAS to be attached to the transaction to get a label. I see no timeline as to that happening but we would be disappointed to lose this option for our websales.


Hi @brian.keesbury

As far as our Paypal standard integration is concerned, we are already passing all the information that we are allowed to. Having talked to Paypal last week, it looked like all we have to do was to get retailers to provide the tracking information for each transaction to avail of the Seller Protection.

As I said before, Paypal doesn’t provide any mechanism to automically upload the tracking number and relevant shipping address information for each transaction and as of now, this has to be done manually I’m afraid.

I will contact Paypal again to relay your claim that providing the tracking number doesn’t seem to be enough to be eligible for the Seller Protection and as soon as I have more insight I will let you know.

Finally, I should also mention that we are talking here about Paypal standard, it’s possible that with Paypal Express Checkout (which we will provide with our upcoming Heartland Integration) the situation is totally different. We will confirm that as well so watch out this space for more updates.

Kindest regards,


Hi @brian.keesbury

Having spoken to Paypal again, there is nothing else that we need to add to get the Seller Protection.

All you have to do is to provide the tracking number as previously explained and ensure that the payment chosen by the customer was for goods or service.

Also, if the transaction is worth over to $750, you will need a delivery signature.

Since these steps are clearly to be done by the retailer, I would suggest that you contact Paypal directly with the details about any payment that you think should be seller protected.

Once this helps.



So are you just not allowed to pass the shipping information with the transaction record?

I’ve been creating the label inside PayPal so they have the tracking number available. I have to manually enter the shipping address for every transaction manually on the print label screen so I would assume it isn’t passing that information over.


Hi Brian,

as mentioned, Paypal doesn’t provide any mechanism to automatically upload the tracking number and relevant shipping address information.

I’m afraid that if there’s a need to get more information about why the transaction isn’t covered, you’d have to call PayPal directly.

Let us know in case of other inquiries.

Kind regards,



Is there any update on PayPal Express checkout? Also any roadmap to Amazon and Apple Pay?



Hey Zac,

We currently support PayPal Express for users of our Heartland Payments Systems Secure Submit integration. We would be happy to put you in touch with a Heartland rep if you would like to learn more. Their rates are very competitive and it is a technically superior payment gateway. We also plan to add Apple Pay to our Heartland integration in the future.

Regarding Apple Pay in general, it doesn’t actually process payments itself – it piggybacks on payment gateways that support it. Currently, we only have plans to add it to our Heartland integration.

We do not have any plans to support Amazon Payments at present, though we may consider it further down the line.




Thanks for the fast reply. Yes I would be interested in getting in touch with a rep.



Hi Zac,

We will pass your details on to Heartland and they should be in touch shortly.



Hi, I was told by Paypal that Express Checkout provides better security because if the item is shipped to the person’s registered address I am protected against charge-backs. Not sure if I explain this correctly, but it was something like that. It seems Express Checkout is considered to be the best option by Paypal, here is a link:

Any chance Nitrosell is going to add this? How much would this cost if I wanted to add it and would any other customers who would want this feature be interested in sharing the cost? You can contact me directly at info@bvoutdoors.com, I am in British Columbia, Canada.



Hi Sieghard,

As per my response to Zac above, we currently support PayPal Express for users of our Heartland Payment Systems integration only.

If you would like to know more, I would be happy to ask a Heartland rep to get in touch. You would likely save money on processing fees as well as gaining access PayPal Express.



Hi Donogh,

Thanks for the quick reply. I may consider it as long as canadian merchants are supported. I did have a quick look at their website and it would appear so as they mentioned something about supporting the “canadian code of conduct”.
I am currently with Moneris both at my store and for the website. I have been with them for a long time and just recently they have lowered my rates as I am a member of the Canadian Federation for independent Business (CFIB) and while Chase Payment Tech is their official partner, Moneris is now honouring these rates.
I assume I would loose the ability to accept payments by debit card/bank account via Interac Online which I paid a lot of money for when I first started, it was a custom development Nitrosell did for me. In retrospect I think it was a waste of money since nobody hardly ever chooses to use it. I haven’t made sure it works lately, but I assume it does since usually customers would probably tell me that it doesn’t if they tried to use it and could not.
Of course nothing tried nothing gained so I’d definitely be willing to hear what Heartland has to offer and I guess if I were to switch to them for the website that wouldn’t effect my store setup since it is a totally different merchant number/account.
Please ask them to give me a call at 250-877-1611 any time between 8 AM and 8 PM Pacific time Monday to Saturday.

Best regards,


Sounds good Sieghard. I did pass your details on last week to Heartland, I would hope you have heard from them by now.

Kind regards,