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NitroSell Carousel


Index of Forum Articles on the Carousel

This series of articles concentrates on describing Carousels on the NitroSell web store, how to create them with the WSM Carousel Builder, how to integrate them into your store templates and how to populate them with products from your POS.

Carousel 101. What is a NitroSell Carousel
Carousel 301. Adding a Carousel to a Template
Carousel 102. Predefined Carousels
Carousel 201. The WSM Carousel Builder
Carousel 203. Populating Carousels
Carousel 210. Populate Carousel with Images
Carousel 204. Populating Carousels Manually
Carousel 205 Populating Carousels by Rule
Carousel 208. Populate Carousel by field
Carousel 207. Previewing Carousels
Carousel 302. Special Values in Rule based Carousels
Carousel 210.3 Set Slide Title, Caption and Button
Carousel 209. Populate Carousel with Historic Data
Carousel 211. Populate Carousel with Similarly Discounted Items
Carousel 202. Managing Carousels
Responsive Design for Your Integrated Shopping Cart
Carousel 210.1 Set Slide Order
Carousel 210.2. Setting a Go-Live date for an image Carousel Slide
Feature list by server-side version/release channel