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Nitrosell and replacement of RMS Store Operation


What are the plans of Nitrosell concerning the discontiunance of RMS Store Operations?

David Schueckler


Hi David,

We have a couple of plans in place:

  1. This year, we plan to work with the official distributor, Retail Realm, to integrate with RMS’s replacement: Retail Essentials. This is based on Microsoft’s AX platform and is initially targeted at HQ-style (5+ stores) operations. My understanding is that next year they plan to release a Store Ops replacement on the same platform. We will integrate with both. I do not currently have a timeline on it.

  2. On an ongoing basis we are integrating with alternative point-of-sale systems. So far we have released integrations to:

  • Microsoft POS 2009
  • pcAmerica’s Cash Register Express (CRE)
  • TheGeneralStore
  • Osprey’s UnifyPOS (releasing in beta next month)

We also plan to release a Quickbooks POS integration this year and we are looking into doing the same with Retail Pro.

If you know of any point-of-sale systems that you think would benefit from a NitroSell integration, we would be happy to review them.

Kind regards,


Please consider integration with Evosus Retail POS for the Swimming Pool industry.


Afternoon Donogh,

Thanks for the response. I took a look at Evosus Retail POS. It looks too specific to the Pool industry. So, I’m hesitant to go that route.

Ideally, I would like to stay with Retail Realm’s Retail Essentials targeted to replace Store Ops. My asking was prompted by a fellow merchant who also uses RMS POS. We both are concerned about the transition period at both the brick and mortar and ecommerce level.

We are it for our business IT department, so we are trying to be proactive and head off any major problems.

David Schueckler
The TreeHouse
Buffalo, NY


I understand, David. We are equally trying to be proactive, in order to cater to existing retailers who are switching POS and to broaden the size of our market.

Do you think pcAmerica’s Cash Register Express would work for you? http://www.pcamerica.com/

Or UnifyPOS? http://www.ospreyretailsystems.com/pos.html

Or TheGeneralStore? http://www.thegeneralstore.com/

We are in early stages with Retail Pro, but their new Prism offering seems quite attractive: http://www.retailpro.com/Solutions/Prism.php

If you’d like us to look into any other POS, please let us know.

Kind regards,

P.S. Darrin, we’ll certainly take a look at Evosus Retail POS also


@donogh Is AX still on track. Im working with pos2009 which will not work with the new smart chip readers and it wouldnt make sense at this point to change to RMS.

As another option what other pos software would you reconmend that works with Nitrosell that pos2009 can be migrated too?



Hi Zac,

Due to concerns over pricing and suitability for our average customer, we have decided to put the AX integration on hold for now.

I’d recommend the forthcoming Retail Management Hero. It will have a very similar database structure to POS 2009.



@donogh I will reach out to them for further info but as far as the nitrosell side will I have to do much configuring when I merge?



@donogh I read the Rms support will be ending soon so im sure most customers on Pos2009 and Rms will have to merge to AX to stay on a Microsoft platform. So will this mean yous are not moving forward with Microsoft?



Hi Zac,

Retail Management Hero (RMH) is being developed by Retail Realm, the official distributor for RMS for Microsoft. It is intended as a replacement on their part because Microsoft is not targeting the RMS Store Operations segment of the market with the release of AX7 – it’s aimed at larger, mid-tier retail operations (200 lanes and up).

RMH is a much better fit for the typical RMS SO or POS 2009 customer (and the typical NitroSell customer!).

In terms of the NitroSell side of the migration, it should be relatively simple. We’ll confirm once we have our beta integration ready, and you’re welcome to try it out as soon as it’s available.




Regarding RMS store program replacements , will the PAM program work with the suggested replacements ?



Hi Gary,

Yes. We have a version of PAM for all of our integrations.



Hi Donogh

Thanks for the reply , have you heard of OpSuite ?
It is a system from Davidson Richards , our supplier of the RMS store ops



Hi Gary,

Yes, a number of our customers use OpSuite. Since it works with RMS, you can continue to use our software within one of your stores.

We do not have any current plans to integrate directly with OpSuite because it would require us to completely rewrite Sync and PAM, and we have not experienced much demand for the integration.



Any update on Evosus integration. They are now using API web services as the preferred method of interacting with ecommerce packages. This API ability is new since our last conversation.


Hi Darrin,

I’m afraid we have no immediate plans for an Evosus integration.

We are currently focused on Retail Management Hero (RMH) – the replacement for RMS – and on Retail Pro 8 and 9.

We will certainly provide another update should the situation change.

Kind regards,


Hi Donogh,

We too are now facing the problem of needing to update our till system with Davidson Richards. OpSuite is the upgrade they are offering but we are concerned how this will affect our Nitrosell integration.

Would it be helpful if I gathered more information from Davidson Richards and sent it across for your reference?




Hi Joe,

I’m afraid we have no plans to integrate with OpSuite at this time.

Kind regards,

P.S. I have edited this post because I only have experience with the US version and can’t speak to the UK version of OpSuite.