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Multiple errors when trying to upload items to Amazon


I’ve got about 50 items that are all throwing the same errors and I can’t figure it out. Here are the errors I’m getting
Error99001A value is required for the “part_number” field.
Error99001 A value is required for the “manufacturer” field.
Error99001 A value is required for the “mfg_minimum” field.
Error99001 A value is required for the “target_audience_keywords” field.
They are all throwing the same errors. I don’t have any of those fields mapped. I’ve tried resetting them multiple times with no luck



Those errors are replies from Amazon. They are fields that Amazon want populated.

It might suit your store organization to enter overrides for some of those fields in the relevant departments/ categories.



Hi Jim,

You often find errors like these for items that are new to Amazon. The only way to resolve them is to supply the missing data.

I’d recommend mapping these fields at the store level, so they are set uniformly for every item being uploaded to Amazon. Let’s look at each error individually:

Error	99001	A value is required for the "part_number" field.

The PartNumber mapping can be found here:


Sometimes this field is available from your suppliers. However, more often than not. In your case, we’d recommend you map it to your ID field.

Error	99001	A value is required for the "manufacturer" field.

The Manufacturer mapping is here: http://baublesandbeads.amazon.nitrosell.com/store/administration/config_amazon.nsc?action=displaymappings&filterterm=Product/DescriptionData/Manufacturer/

If you have brand associations with your items, that is probably the closest approximation. In that case, set the mapping to Brand.

Failing that, the best fallback is to set an Override with the name of your store, i.e., enter Baubles & Bead into the Override field.

Error	99001	A value is required for the "mfg_minimum" field.

To be honest, I haven’t encountered this error before. I believe it corresponds to the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP), which can be found here:

I would simply set the mapping to your Price field and don’t forget to enter USD in the currency section of the mapping.

Error	99001	A value is required for the "target_audience_keywords" field. 

These are set using four separate fields here:


Since your items all have broadly the same target audience, I would set Overrides into each of these mappings with one keyword per field. There are no restrictions on the values, so you could use, for instance, Crafts, Beads, etc. Up to you!

Let us know if you need assistance in implementing these mappings.



Hi Jim,

In looking at this further, this error:

Error	99001	A value is required for the "mfg_minimum" field.

actually appears to relate to Manufacturer Minimum Age. However, in the Miscellaneous product type you have selected, that mapping is not available.

Once you have resolved the other three field mappings, let’s see what comes back from Amazon. If this error is still present, we’ll have to open a case with Amazon to get it resolved.




The funny thing is that these are not new items to amazon. For 80% of them I’ve supplied ASIN #'s of existing products.


Fair enough, Jim. Nevertheless, if Amazon asks for this data you are required to supply it.



I got rid of the other errors, but this one still persists “mfg_minimum”


Hi Jim,

Okay, so far so good! We have opened a case with Amazon on your behalf (case ID 1365556251), requesting they re-classify the items on their side. It seems they have managed to classify them as toys, which is why they are asking for Manufacturer Minimum Age.

We have supplied a complete list of your SKUs that are displaying this error message (80 in total) and we have CC’d you on the case.

We hope to get a satisfactory answer from them soon.



I guess I could just switch the classification to toys and games and enter an age and the problem would be resolved. Might be faster than waiting for Amazon to resolve on their end. Can you think of any unintended consequences from taking that approach?

What’s funny is that there isn’t the same issue with all of my items since they’re all really part of the same area on Amazon…



switching classification isn’t like changing any other field. Amazon might require you to take down the item and re-list it. In theory you need to wait 24 hours after taking down an item before re-listing but I have noticed that this restriction isn’t actually observed.



Hi James,

I went ahead and switched the classification for that department. Since none of the items in that department had been listed due to errors there was no risk. 30 minutes later all of them successfully processed.