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Multiple Coupon Codes on One Transaction


Is there a way to use multiple coupon codes on one transaction at checkout? For example, for Cyber Monday we want to run a promotion for a percentage off the entire purchase, as well as offer free shipping on purchases over $50.


You can use shipping rules to automatically apply free shipping if the total is over $50, as well as enabling shoppers to add a coupon code. That’s the easiest way to accomplish it with the current functionality.

Let us know if you need a hand setting it up!


We are doing the same thing! I figured out how to activate the free shipping over $50 through RMS. This is what I found in the training manual: "If you are connecting to an RMS database, you enable shipping carriers and services there.
NitroSell lists all the available services that you define in RMS and enables you to make them
available to countries of your choice. If you are using NSc Standalone Edition, you enable
shipping carriers and services in WebStore Data Manager > Configuration > Shipping
Setup. It is advisable to incorporate country and carrier information into the service names
you define. For example, a useful name might be “USA-FedEX-Same Day”

On mine I want to restrict the % off code to only 2 departments. Does anyone know a way to set up an OR statement on the rules for the coupon code? I’m only finding situations where I have an “and” statement (Department = Apparel AND Department = Bibles). Of course, nothing will be in both categories!


Hi Amy,

Each rule and its conditions work as an ‘AND’ statement like you mentioned. To make it work as an ‘OR’ statement what you can do is create two separate rules for each department. In this case it would be ‘Item department is equal to Apparel’ and in the separate rule you pick ‘Bibles’.




Doesn’t every rule have to be true? This would not work as a product cannot belong to both departments at the same time.

If you’re not using theme for anything you would potentially flag every product from those departments with a theme. Then do a check where theme = ‘themename’ etc.

If you’re already using the theme field you could replicate that by mapping a custom field that would work in the same way once you add a string in the field via PAM i.e. customtext10 = ‘themename’ etc.



Thanks for the suggestion Andy. This would work too.

Every condition in an individual rule has to be true.

The rules themselves are run through in sequence and not ‘ANDed’ together.

Kind regards,