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Is there a way to automate/process sales in RMS so they are recorded so I don't have to manually tender each sale?


Today is the first day that my POS is actually receiving orders. I see that I have to click Get Web Orders then select the Customer then process tender. Is there a way to automate at least the last two steps? I don’t want to have to manually tender each sale as volume is quite high having to manually enter these in.


Hi Grant,

I’ve sent a response in the ticket which we have about the Amazon integration.



I’m curious about this as well. It gets to be a daunting process when we’ve got a lot of orders to process.


Hi Brian,

this is the way the feature of GWO works, you have to go through all of the steps which were mentioned, there is no way of making any shortcuts, unfortunately (it’s also a part of RMS limitation).



Is this something you guys would look to implement in the future? Is there a better option for doing this? Any recommendations on how to speed it up?