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Instagram "Tap To View"



As you know a large portion of online sales are being driven by Instagram and they released an Instagram “Tap to View” option. This is huge because the customer can go straight to your product to purchase without having to click your web link and then search for the product.

Is there any plan for the Nitro feed to automate into Facebook shopping or Facebook catalog so this Instagram feature is available?



Can you point us at some documentation, please, Zac, and we’ll take a look?

Our development focus currently is on our eBay integration, which is due for release in the April/May timeframe.



Please see the links below. I think Amazon and Ebay are great but there sales channels and seem to becoming more and more saturated. The Instagram feature is more for marketing and your only using Facebook shopping or Facebook catalog for the Instagram feature and not as a sales channel. The instagram tap to view will keep them on our Nitro web platform. I think as more people are selling online your social following is the one thing that gives a huge advantage and to have a feature such as Instagram “Tap to View” will increase sales.

Below is the links about how to set it up which you first have to submit your items into FB shopping or FB catalog. I believe the first issue is the Nitro feed doesnt send enough attributes and you have to submit items one by one instead of it being automated.




Hi Zac,

Thanks for the feedback.

@franclin_foping: could you add this suggestion to the backlog, please?

We have a pretty full dev backlog right now, Zac. Will update you if/when we get around to this.



Sounds great. I appreciate yous looking into this.


Add me on to one that would love this integration! The majority of my vendors don’t allow ebay/amazon sales so Instagram/Facebook integration would be AMAZING.


Yes im having the same problem. A lot of vendors are cracking done on those sales channels. I think all store owners need to start building there own in house brands.


Our suppliers as well are not letting us on amazon and ebay even though the integration fro amazon works great. Instagram would be a great one that we would use as well.


Just an update on my end. I setup my feed within Facebook and I now can so “Tap to View” on Instagram.


Hi Blazin4008… how did you set this up?



In facebook I setup “Facebook shopping” & I setup “Product Catalog”. Then when I went into instagram settings (Top right) I scrolled down to products and it allowed me to link the account. Now im actually unsure on which it linked too. I would like to have it pull my feed more then daily to upadate prices. Maybe @donogh would be able to help us out a little more on the Facebook end. Hope this helps.



Hi Zac,

This is still in our queue. We are experiencing an unusually large backlog currently because of our eBay integration. We expect to release that within 2-3 weeks, at which point we’ll be getting caught up on the queue as quickly as we can.



Hopefully this is getting closer to the top. I fear without instagram integration sites like shopify are heading quickly to the top of the list. My consumers are completely social media driven!


Thanks for the feedback Molly. eBay is due to go into alpha testing at the end of the week, and will be available to “live” beta testers by next week.

We then have a large backlog of dev requests to get through, and this item is pretty near the top. That said, it will be at least a few weeks before we can spec it.


@molly My customer sales are driven off social media as well. Its actually more of a Facebook thing then Instagram. Im sure nitrosell will help you setup your product feed in Facebook through catalog or shopping. Once thats setup you will get the option within Instagram to link to those products. We found that it wasnt simple but its for sure doable. We now use the “Tag Product” feature all the time.

(Instagram link information below. Only after you setup your feed in Facebook)