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Import / export in PAM


Hi, is it possible to import / export data into / out of PAM?


Hi Angela,

We do now support CSV import to PAM. It’s in the latest version here: https://hq.nitrosell.com/support/RMSSO/

When you select a spreadsheet, you need to map between its columns and PAM fields. Note that it does not support RMS field updates and the spreadsheet must have a SKU column, with values corresponding to the ItemLookupCode values in RMS.

Please also note that it does not create items – that should always be done through RMS; it only updates existing ones.

For export, you can use RMS Store Ops Administrator. This query will return all item rows joined with PAM data:

select * from item inner join nitroasl_pamtable on itemid = item.id

File > Export will enable you to export it to CSV, which can be opened in Excel.

Should you need any assistance, please open a support ticket.



Great! Thank you this is very useful.