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How to Set up Your Google Feed


The Google Feed is uploaded by FTP every night at approximately 6 am UTC.

You need to set up an FTP account in the Google Merchant Center and you need to put the same username and password into your Webstore Manager on the Nitrosell Portal.

First go to The Google Merchant Center Dashboard

Click on Settings to expand it and then click on FTP

You need to choose an FTP username and password.

Then on the Nitrosell Portal, choose Products and then Product Feeds and Select the Google Merchant Center.
Google Feed Config on Nitrosell Portal

You enter the same username and password in here -

Search for Google Feed on this forum for more information on configuring your Google Feed

Feature list by server-side version/release channel

I had a few questions about the rest of he process for setting up a product feed and linking it to the Google Merchant Center.

Are we supposed to create a product feed in NitroSell first or is that automatically done?

Or are we supposed to create a feed right in the merchant center?

Do you have a more detailed step by step of the entire process of setting up the product feed for the merchant center?


When you Configure the Google Feed in Webstore Manager. the feed will be sent out automatically every night.
So go to your Webstore Manager and under Products select Product Feed and then follow the instructions above.
You also need to set up FTP in the Google Merchant Center.

Probably best to try doing both of those and then send a ticket into support if there are issues.