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How do I add the HACKER SAFE logo to my WebStore, using the code provided by ScanAlert below?


How do I add the HACKER SAFE logo to my WebStore, using the code provided by ScanAlert below?

<a target="_blank" href="https://www.scanalert.com/RatingVerify?ref=www.mycompanyname.com"><img width="115" height="32" border="0" src="//images.scanalert.com/meter/www.mycompanyname.com/12.gif" alt="HACKER SAFE certified sites prevent over 99.9% of hacker crime." oncontextmenu="alert('Copying Prohibited by Law - HACKER SAFE is a Trademark of ScanAlert'); return false;"></a>

The HACKER SAFE® service is a third-party service provided by ScanAlert. To use this service, you need to sign up with ScanAlert and pay a monthly fee. Once you have signed up, ScanAlert will supply the necessary JavaScript code to include on your WebStore.

NitroSell is fully PCI-compliant and cooperates with ScanAlert’s validation programs, enabling WebStores to display the HACKER SAFE certification mark and receive validation by ScanAlert. For more information on this service, refer to McAfee

To set up this service, perform the following steps:

Copy and paste the code provided by ScanAlert into Notepad with Word Wrap turned off - it’s important that the entire code within the START and END comments is on a single line.
In NSc WebStore Manager, under Configuration, select WebStore. Select the Display tab, then select Enable Custom Footer Text. Select the checkbox, then copy this single line of code from Notepad (that is, without the comment lines and with no line breaks) and paste it into the Footer Text field.
Click Save.
To center the logo on your store, add the following into your Cascading Stylesheet (CSS):

div #sitefooter{
text-align: center;

Following is the resulting footer text: