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Google distance calculations broken


I’ve tested the Bing integration, and it’s still not working on our web sites. Google is working (for now), but when we enable Bing integration, none of the distance calculations work, and our customers cannot choose a delivery option.


Thanks for letting us know @frank
Having checked the logs, nothing obvious is jumping out straight away. Could you please confirm that the Bing Maps integration is enabled on your store?


This situation seems to be getting worse. Bing integration works 0% of the time. Google integration works only sporadically, now.

Can we please get this fixed right away? We’re losing a ton of orders from our sites not working, and this has been going on for the entire week (and sporadically, for months). We have angry, confused customers that cannot place orders with us.

If Nitrosell can’t do distance calculations, then let’s just say that, and we’ll figure out a different solution or a different shopping cart to use.


Hi @frank

Apologies for any inconvenience this issue is causing to you. As I mentioned yesterday, we are still working on this issue. We will get back to you as soon as possible with a solution. Please bear with us meanwhile.

Also and I as told you yesterday in the relevant ticket, we haven’t touched anything with your live store configuration so if Google is working sporadically I’d imagine it’s down to an outage from their end.

We will keep you abreast of our progress.

Kindest regards,


Nitrosell fixed the Bing distance calculations a few days ago, and we haven’t seen any problems since then.

We’re going to continue to stick with Bing for distance calculations and see if it’s more reliable than Google. I will say, that from our experience, the Google Maps integration is pretty unreliable, and we won’t be using it again unless the Bing integration fails in some way.

As discussed previously, I still think the best solution would be a paid mapping service that would provide some sort of guaranteed level of service. I don’t know who offers something like that.

Also, another possibility might be the Open Street Map project. I don’t know how accurate these maps are, or how reliable their lookup service is.