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Don't want promo code to apply to sale items


Just trying to figure out how to prevent the promo code from applying to items that are already on sale? Can’t see a solution on the knowledge base.



Hi Jennifer. I’m not sure if you’re using themes currently but if you’re not then you could apply a value to this field via PAM on all of your sale items and then exclude this theme from working with the coupon.

i.e. theme not equal to ‘sale’

This is how we usually accomplish this task.



Hi Andy

I’ve populated the relevant items with the word ‘sale’ in the theme section but when I try to apply this in the coupon, the only themes listed are all of the brands.



Hi Jennifer,

That sounds a little odd but perhaps your theme field is mapped to a brand field rather than the PAM.theme value created. You might need someone from Nitrosell to assist as they may be able to see how your mappings are configured. Changing the mapping could have an on-flow effect elsewhere depending on how your brands are being stored.