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Confused about how to get items in proper amazon catagory


While most of the items I’ve uploaded so far have gone to the correct Amazon category, some have not and I can’t figure out how or why. I’ve looked in the Browse Node ID’s and can find the proper category/subcategory but I have no Idea what to do with the number once I found it. Is there a way to apply it globally to a dept/category using field mappings?


Hi Jim,

Yes there is. Some customers use the Amazon Field Mappings tab exclusively, while others map it globally to a field in PAM (AMZBrowseNode for example).

If you want to manually insert a Broswe Node for a particular Category, go to your Amazon Data Mapping tab, navigate to the relevant Dept, and type ‘browse’ into the Search field. This will open up the Product/Description Data/Recommended Browse Node fields.

Please also look at James’ article on Browse Node IDs and Item Type Keywords here:



Hi Conor,

Thanks, that clears it up. I had read that article but was still confused. Typing browse into the search window was a great tip. I was just going through every possible place looking for where it might go.


Hi Conor,

So I set it to the correct browse node via Amazon Field Mappings and still my items don’t appear where they should. I can only find them if I search all departments, not if I limit my search to Arts, Crafts and Sewing which is where they should be.

Could it be caused by the product data mapping? I had to choose a type but none were correct so I chose miscellaneous and then below for product type I left it unmapped and used an override of crafts, which is still not correct but the closest I could find.


Hi Jim,

There’s a possibility you need to implement Item Type numbers as well as Browse Node info but I’m not certain.

Please give me an example product so I can investigate, and let me know which department it should be designated to.



Hi Conner,

It should be listed under Arts, Crafts & Sewing/Beading & Jewelry Making/Beads & Bead Assortments Browse Node 12896121 but it’s coming up under everything else. In fact nearly all of my items are.


Hi Conor,

Got it! It was an issue with item type, though it’s key words rather than a number. Still having an issue with two items, but not worried about those now that the other 406 are correct!


Great news Jim - thanks for update (I’m back in office now after vacation time)