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Changing the email XMLs



For some time I have noticed our cancellation email had some strange sentence in it, in the thank you sentence

So I went to edit the cacellation.xml file in the mailtemplates directory and when I edit the file I see:

Thank you once again has a period at the end.

So I opened the file with explorer:

and there at the end … again for your custom! text

Sooo I opened the file with Chrome:

and there is no …again for your custom! text

Same file. What the heck is going on and how do I fix it?



Was this just a stupid question or what?



Hi Bob,

I tested it out on my machine and I was unable to get the same result. Both Chrome, Internet explorer and all the other tools I normally use has shown the change you introduced.

Has the alteration that you made carry on to the e-mails you send?




HI Peter

I didn’t introduce any change. I just stated how editing the xml file and displaying the file in two different browswers, caused my confusion. I would like to edit out the part that says: …again for your custom! However, when I edit the file that text is not there, thus I have changed nothing. However the email that goes out to the customers contains that text.

Do you have any ideas as to why when I open the file with two different browsers that I get different results. More importantly, I cannot edit out the text. I am guessing that the text is coming from some other file, but where?



Hi Bob,

The template location depends on the version of our software. The files might be located either at c:\Program files\Nitrosell\Data\Mailtemplates (you might also have Program Files x86 directory in which case the files will be there) or if you have a more recent version the files will be located in c:\users\your_username\appdata\roaming\nitrosell\data\mailtemplates

I suggest that you check both locations to see if the templates are different.
Let me know if you were able to locate the right file as we might have to schedule a remote session.




HI Peter

Well there is no Nitrosell folder under …\appdata\roaming… When I search the computer for that file name it only appears once and that is under the mailtemplates subdirectory. The file there is the one I was referencing. So, I do not know how to change the text of the file, since the text I want to change is NOT in that file. So, if you need to, remote session in and have at it.

Just email me when you want to do this. I can also remote in to get you there, so any time is fine.



Not sure if it helps but it’s possible that the above folder structure will be hidden unless you change your folder options (from the control panel) to show hidden files.


Hi Peter

Yes I know that.


HI Bob,

can we schedule a meeting, I would like to check this issue remotely? Please let me know about your availability and number which You can be reached on.