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Carousel 206. Carousel Options


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Carousel Options

On the front end, the NitroSell carousel is an implementation of OWL Carousel. This comes with a lot of options for deciding on how your carousel will look and behave.

Options are carousel specific. You can set them to be different on different carousels.

The more important options are listed below.


This is the name that will be displayed above your carousel on the store.

Max Carousel Length

The number of items that your carousel will display. To keep your store responsive, keep this number as low as possible.


The number of products that are displayed at any one time on your carousel. This is tied in with some other options that deal with responsiveness.


This causes the carousel to slide automatically. If this is disabled the carousel will only slide when the shopper clicks on the carousel pagination.

Navigation and Navigation Text

These two options cause buttons to appear under your carousel and allow you to decide what text appears in those buttons.

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