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bLoyal Integration on NitroSell eCommerce


NitroSell supports loyalty for RMS retailers through a third party called bLoyal. Our integration with bLoyal automates the creation of new customers on the RMS/bLoyal platform, the use of bLoyal coupons on your Nitrosell web store checkout and the use of bLoyal item and order level discounts.

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Loyalty 200 How Loyalty Changes your Web Store
Loyalty 401 Order and Item Level Discounts
Loyalty 103 Create your Loyalty Scheme
Loyalty 101 Create a bLoyal Account
Loyalty 403 Loyalty Coupons
Loyalty 300 How Customer Records are Handled
Loyalty 104 Enter your Credentials into the WSM
Loyalty 301 Existing Customers with Email Addresses
Loyalty 303 Existing Customers with no Email Addresses
Loyalty 201 How to Modify the Loyalty Panel
Loyalty 400 Loyalty Discounts
Loyalty 402 Shipping Discounts
Feature list by server-side version/release channel
Loyalty 105 Run Test Transactions
Loyalty 102 Install the bLoyal Software
Loyalty 100 How to add Loyalty to your Web Store