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I understand that Nitrosell has a BLOG feature that can be integrated to a website. Can you post the features the blog has and how to activate it?

Can there be guest writers?


Hi Isaac,

The store does indeed have a blog feature. For now, you can learn more about it here:


It supports:

  • The creation of multiple categories – articles can be nested under different categories
  • Auto-generated RSS feeds of the contents
  • Search-engine-friendly URL support
  • Commenting through the use of a free third-party app, Disqus
  • The look and feel is fully editable using NitroScript

To facilitate guest writers, you would need to give them access to your WebStore Manager.

We’re in the process of migrating our knowledge base platform over to this forum. You can expect to see all the official documentation on it here soon.



Thank you Donogh,

Any chance of adding guest writers with having them log in to webstore manager? i wouldn’t want them messing around with any settings at all or seeing anything other then logging in and writing there post.


I’m afraid we won’t be able to commit to it for now, Isaac. We can certainly add it as a suggestion for future improvement.

The blog feature is generally not intended as a full replacement for established blogging platforms like Wordpress or Blogger; in its current form it’s pretty rudimentary and we’ve had a lot of requests for more blogging-platform style features.

Watch this space!


While the blog doesn’t allow your guests to directly post articles, there’s nothing preventing you from posting articles on behalf of the guest once they’ve provided you with the content. We do a similar thing on our blog and ensure that the authorship is carried across to the original creator of the content by way of crediting the author at the bottom of the article.

You can see some guest posts here:



Hi guys.

Sorry to hijack this post - I have created a blog, but I want to add a Facebook Share button - I think the best way is to edit the Facebook Like button that is enabled site-wide, to make it into a Share button. Is this possible, and if so where do I edit the code??

Cheers, mat


Howdy Mat,

By the sounds of things your best option might be to use a 3rd party like ShareThis to create customised sharing buttons based on your needs. It’s a pretty straightforward setup and you should be able to more or less drop the generated code onto your blog article pages or anywhere else you would like them to appear. Signing up for ShareThis account will allow you to keep track of the number of shares as they’ll send you a weekly report on click activity.

Depending on your Nitrosell options you may be able to drop the code straight into the → Social Sharing Blog Panel which is selectable (editable) from the edit templates menu.

I hope this is useful.

Cheers Andy.


I have set up disqus and made a catagory and wrote an article but it doesn’t seem to be connecting properly to my disqus account. Shouldn’t the article that I wrote on our website show up on our disqus account? Also when you read the article there is an error message from disqus saying they are unable to load disqus. Here is a link to the article http://www.tampavapor.com/Box-Mods-Coming%252521/ if you want to take a look.

Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you,


Hi Mike,

The disqus shortname doesn’t include the domain (disqus.com). I edited the properties of the category and it is working now.

Best regards,


Thank you for your help. It’s always the easiest solutions we overlook.

Thank you,


I do have another question. Can you write some articles that allow comments and some that don’t within the same category? I see the check box and unchecked it but it still allows comments. I went back to edit properties and the box was checked again.



Hi Mike,

Yes, you could allow comments in some articles and not in others. Unfortunately there is a bug in branch 5 that has been solved in beta branch (thanks for letting us know :smile:) . If you want this functionality working as expected you would need to move to beta.

Best regards,


What does moving to beta involve? Is this simply beta for the blog feature or for the overall webstore manager? I have noticed that when I add a new article to our blog it takes a few attempts to get it to allow comments which is annoying considering we try to get the new article out to all our social media pretty quick. We wait for the comment feature to work before we do share the link so people see that they can comment. We aren’t against the beta but just want to know what that includes and involves.
Also, we made a couple comments on this article
a few days ago and they were there for a few days but they are now gone from the article even though when we look at the comments on disqus.com they are there. Any ideas or is this part of switching to beta?
Thank you for all your help,


Hi Mike,

Beta channel is an experimental, cutting-edge version of the webstore and the WebStore Manager, and there is a higher risk of bugs. All the newest feature are accessible from the Beta channel. For example: ‘Facebook’ login’ or the transport integration ‘ShipWorks’ are only available on Beta.

The comments are working as expected on Beta. You have an example here.

We will need to investigate why disqus is not showing your comments. They modified their system and they want more information about where the comments should be included now. These changes are already in place on beta.

Best regards,


Hi Belen,

What other features does the Beta version have?
Is there any list available?



Hi Mohsen,

My understanding is that @brendan is currently preparing an updated list of features on beta for you via ticket 100067.



Hi Donogh,

Yes, you are right!
We are actually on Beta now and have seen some of the good features.
Will wait for the list though to find out more about Beta.



FYI, so far so great…no issues with Beta and comments on blog are working great. Of course now that I say that…