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Blog 302. Creating a Blog Article


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Creating a Blog Article

Creating a blog article is very similar to creating a category. In your WebStore Manager (WSM), go to Page Content and click add a new page. This shows a popup that you fill in as follows:

  • Page Type: choose ‘Blog Article’;
  • Category: select a blog category that you created earlier; note that you will need to create a category before creating an article;
  • Article Title: give your literary masterpiece a name;
  • Author email: the e-mail address of the author, to support the display of a thumbnail from Gravatar. (Please see the next section for instructions on creating a Gravatar account.)
  • Show as a tab: If you want the article to appear in its own tab, then click this box. (Note that the article still has to be part of a category.)
  • Allow comments: enable/disable comments using Disqus on per-article basis.

Blog Article and Category NitroScript Variables

The following fields are available through NitroScript for both articles and categories:

  • blogCategory|blogArticle[‘name’] : the name of the blog category or article
  • blogCategory|blogArticle[‘content’] : the complete content of the blog category or article
  • blogCategory|blogArticle[‘content_preview’] : a shortened version of the blog category or article
  • blogCategory|blogArticle[‘author_name’] : the name of the blog category/ article author
  • blogCategory|blogArticle[‘author_email’] : the email of the blog category/ article author
  • blogCategory|blogArticle[‘gravatar’] : the authors email as MD5 (used to fetch gravatar portraits)
  • blogCategory|blogArticle[‘date_published’] : human friendly date of publication localized to store locale
  • blogCategory|blogArticle[‘time_published’] : human friendly time of blog category publication
  • blogCategory|blogArticle[‘url’] : URL of the blog category/ article page

The following fields are available only to blog articles:

  • blogArticle[‘month’] : month article was published
  • blogArticle[‘year’] : year article was published

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