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Blog 101. SEO, Google and sub-domains


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##Blog 101. SEO, Google and sub-domains

Purpose of Blog

One of the primary uses of a blog is to provide useful information to your customers and potential customers. This has the side effect of providing content that Google will scan and use to improve the visibility of your store in their search pages.

Sub-Domains and Google

Back in the distant land of the past it was believed that having a blog on a separate sub-domain would not help your SEO. This article explains why this is no longer the case.


Now it is simply a matter of choice where you want to host your store blog. If you have the technical knowledge you can host it using a fully fledged feature-rich platform such as Wordpress and have this on a store sub-domain. If you want to keep things simple then the NitroSell feature will probably be sufficient for your needs and removes the need of having to set up third party software and remember yet another password!

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