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Are you likely to integrate support for the Trustedbadge system?



I was wondering if you are looking to integrate the Trustbadge system at any point?




Hi Dan,

I’ve had a quick look and it seems relatively straightforward. It looks like you need to add one tag to your templates and then add a unique JavaScript tag that you generate from their site.

Do you have a Trusted Shops ID we could use to review that part of it, please? You can message it to me if you like.

If you’re not comfortable adding the code yourself, we’d be happy to do it for an hour of consulting fees at our standard support rates.



Hi Donogh,

I have a meeting with them at the end of October. I’ve noticed some other providers have it integrated automatically and was just checking so I could relay the right facts.



Sounds good Dan. If we can see a full set of sample code, we’ll be able to figure out what’s involved properly. Their web site doesn’t seem to give that without a Trusted Shops ID.

If it’s like other, similar services, it probably won’t be complicated. Let’s see!