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Amazon sold another item we do not have in stock


I really think this is a problem with Amazon, but let me tell you what has happened again. We again sold an Item (ATH29307) that we have not had since 12/24. In fact, when we sold out I purposely set the Amazon flag to False in PAM because I wanted to make sure Amazon didn’t sell this item again.

Well yesterday we received an order for from Amazon for this item. I verified that the Amazon flag was FALSE, but the Web Item flag was TRUE. I went to the reports tab in our NItrosell Amazon portal and looked for the product and under Product it says removed.

The other tabs say completed (see the above graphics). In Amazon the item says “Inactive (Out of Stock)” and the qty is equal to 0.

We keep having to cancel these orders which Amazon is holding against us in our % of pre-cancellations.

I am just trying to get an idea of where to start with finding out the cause of this.



Hi Bob,

I’m just as puzzled as you. REMOVED is a very clear status message. The COMPLETE on the other feeds can be ignored in this case. REMOVED means we sent a deletion request for that item to Amazon and they came back with a submission report telling us that the operation succeeded.

I’d advise you open a case with Seller Central and ask them why this request and submission ID succeeded but did not delete the item:

Request ID: 4c484c63-d8c0-41c3-9c60-84b102cd845d
Feed Submission ID: 60475016433

Would be very interested to hear the outcome.

Kind regards,


Just an update and question

I opened a case with Amazon concerning the item that sold when it was marked as removed. Again yesterday another item was sold that was removed from Amazon, (Amazon in PAM = False), removed from the website (Web item = False) and made inactive (inactive = true) on or just after 12/19. Here is the nitrosell portal report on this item:

So as I wait for them to respond to the first item i was wondering what you think I should see in my Amazon Manage Inventory portal for this item. It says the item is inactive and qty = 0. We I remove an Item from Amazon (AMazon flag = false) should the item be removed from the Amazon portal?



Hi Bob,

We did spot an issue with the removal feed yesterday, for which we have released a fix.

Unfortunately, this deletion was sent on Dec 19, when it was still problematic.

However, I presume the quantity of 0 was fed before the deletion. If not, then it is possible that a deletion request was sent (and failed) before the quantity was updated.

With your say so, I can manually revert all the ‘REMOVED’ items to ‘COMPLETE’, forcing the feeder to re-send the deletion requests.

Sorry again for the inconvenience, Bob, and please let us know how you’d like to proceed.

Kind regards,


Hi Donogh

I’m not sure what you are recommending here, but if the end result is that items we have removed from Amazon will actually get removed so Amazon will stop selling them, then yes, do whatever you deem necessary.



Hi Bob,

Okay, this is work in progress now. Please bear with us. We’ll provide an update as soon as it’s done.



Amazon finally did reply to my open case from 1/6 with the request ID and feed submission ID you had above. Here is their answer:
"I have an update from the concerned team advising that the delete feed was never processed successful as the input XML was not well-formed.

Further the team advised you to fix the feed by formatting the XML correctly as per the XSD and re-upload the feed.

Should you have any other queries then please do write to us and we will be glad to assist you. "

Just so you know we keep selling items we don’t have. The last one was on 1/26, Item is ATH73846 and the Amazon order ID is: Order ID: 108-0182923-7092279

I really don’t know what is going on, and certainly this time of year, this is not a timing issue as to if an item sold in the store at the same time as Amazon. I can see that the items in question have 0 qty in RMS weeks before they get sold on Amazon. Is there any way to do a inventory comparison between what amazon says we have and what our RMS/Nitrosell site says we have?



Hi Bob,

We have been working on this for a while and hadn’t been able to reproduce the problem in our dev environment. We managed that today and have just released a fix.

My sincere apologies for the lengthy delay.

I’ve re-run the feeder and it’s fed 207 deletion messages to Amazon. Some example SKUs from that feed are:

  • WAL9333253
  • BAC85063
  • KAT1860104

I would expect these to show as deleted from Seller Central within the next 15-30 minutes. Please advise if that does not happen.

Kind regards,


Hi Bob,

It seems these items were deleted successfully.

Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance on this issue.

Kind regards,