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Amazon Mapping. Retrieving Codes from RMS alias feed


Pulling EAN or UPC codes from the RMS Alias field

Some stores save their EAN/UPC codes to the alias table in RMS. The following NscSync Mapping retrieves EANs from the alias table.

<MAPPING TARGET="product_weblinxcustomtext8">(select top 1 alias.alias from alias where itemid = item.id and XXXX)</MAPPING> 

For UPC codes replace XXX with len(alias) = 12
For EAN codes replace XXX with len(alias) = 13

A Mapping to Determine If an Entry is a UPC or EAN

When you need to populate the Standard Product Type with UPC, EAN, etc you can check the top item in the alias field and depending in its length push up the relevant standard product type.

This is the field mapping to insert into the field you want the standard product type to be entered.

(SELECT top 1 (
  CASE WHEN len(alias) = 12 THEN 'UPC' 
       WHEN len(alias) = 13 THEN 'EAN'
FROM alias 
WHERE itemid = item.id AND(len(alias) = 12 OR len(alias) = 13))

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