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Adding video to Blog Page


I would like to add a video to a blog page. I have inserted the below html coding into the source page by which point when I save the code change, the Nitrosell system doesn’t recognise the coding and it seems to vanish from the source code file. Is the only way to add a video through platforms such as Youtube or Vimeo? Thanks.

Your browser does not support the video tag.



when I want to embed video on a page I

  1. Go to YouTube;
  2. Click the Share button under the video;
  3. Click the embed tab under the video;
  4. Copy the iframe into the Content Management screen;

You should know if it has been successful when you click the save button - the preview should show you the page with the video embedded in it.



Hi James,

I wanted to use an mp4 player loaded onto the nitrosell server and embed it:


Your browser does not support this video.





you should now be able to use the html video element in the page content editor.