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Absolute paths being used instead of relative paths?


A change has occurred to our live site over the weekend resulting in absolute paths being used rather than relative paths. As a result we’re having a few font issues that cannot easily be resolved due to the multiple domains in use i.e. checkout.

Can someone please investigate and advise if this was a deliberate or unintended change?



@jbw: can you review this, please? I believe it has something to do with recent changes to the CDN.



Hi Andy

This change is intentional as it helps website performance by offloading assets to our CDN. What issues are you experiencing exactly? does it relate to the absolute paths you are using in the fontawesome css ? If so I recommend you use relative paths to your font files within the CSS as this way you can ensure it works in both HTTP and HTTPS modes regardless of what path the file is served from. Just keep in mind that when using relative paths in CSS the paths will be relative to the CSS file itself, not the page it’s included from.

Let me know if this doesn’t solve your issue or if there’s anything else I can help with.




Hi Jerry,

We were using relative paths in our CSS and elsewhere prior to the weekend and everything was working fine. Since then however a change has been made preventing relative links from working due to a cross domain origin restriction. If you review the source code of our page you’ll notice that almost every link or image is now relative to the host domain rather than our actual domain.

For instance:

Previously this would have looked like this:



Hi Andy

Thanks for that… we’re working on a solution, please standby!



@jbw: Just wondering if you had any luck with this Jerry?


Hi Andy

Our CDN provider is working on resolving it but it may take some time. Until then we’ve rolled back on offloading the CSS asset files to the CDN until the issue has been resolved on the CDN

Let me know if you experience any further issues.