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Abandoned Cart Notification


Abandoned Cart Follow-up Email

This option causes an email notification to issue to a registered store user when they add items to their basket but don’t finalise a purchase. The option can be found in the WSM under communication or checkout options.

When setting the option you specify the number of days to wait before issuing the email. The NitroSell platform will look for customer records that have been modified in the 24 hours since that date and, if there are any items in that customers basket, builds an email from the Abandoned Cart Email template.

A second WSM option, Period during which Abandoned Cart Follow-up Email is not repeated, does exactly what it says on the tin. You set a period in days which will stop any subsequent email issuing to a customer that has already had an abandoned cart email issued to them.

Customer Records

This functionality works by checking when a customer record has been modified. This modification could be the customer logging in, making a modification to items in their basket or the retailer updates their customer record at their POS.

Product Update: Delay before Repeat Abandoned Cart Notification Email

Is there someone where we can see a complete list of available variables for these emails? I’m hoping to insert the brand name if possible.




the basket that the shopper last had is loaded into the template. You should be able to access the usual product fields in it.

If it misbehaves let me know!