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Refer a Friend Incentive Program



Can anyone recommend a decent (incentivised) refer-a -friend platform that works well with Nitrosell?

Conversely, would there be much interest from other parties if we were to initiate a possible Nitrosell integration with a 3rd party referral platform? I’m happy to take suggestions onboard with regards to platforms as we’ve only just begun to scope this out.

Thanks in advance.


Hey andy,
I would be interested in finding out what works the best for that. It would be a nice added bonus for customers


Refer a friend incentives or affiliate marketing of some kind would be interesting for sure.


Thanks for the interest guys. I’ll pose some questions to the Nitrosell team and see how we get on.

@tylerkrys - we use https://www.commissionfactory.com/ as our affiliate program. From memory it was a basic setup that only required adding a small javascript to the order confirmation page. I’m not sure how much support they offer to international affiliates however.