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Is it possible to change the description field on the printed picking list?


In progress… hope to have it either later today or tomorrow!


Please download and install the updated build of GWO for POS 2009 here:


let me know if you experience any issues!



Hi Zac, I installed the upgrade for you via gotomypc.com in dealing with Ticket #95433.


Great! Sorry didnt even see this. Trying it out now.


Im getting the attached error. Thanks


@jbw: I guess the update needs to ensure nitrosell_gwosettings exists? Thanks

@blazin4008: are you comfortable running a SQL statement against your RMS DB, please? As a stopgap until @jbw gets to look at it, please execute the following, then try again:

CREATE TABLE [dbo].[nitrosell_gwosettings](
	[key] [nvarchar](50) NOT NULL,



Please give me brief instructions on how to run it.



Hi Zac,

You should be able to connect to your database through SQL Server Studio Express and run it as a ‘New Query’.

Perhaps @brian_twomey or @conor_harding could do it remotely for you if that doesn’t work.



@donogh and @jbw

I got it to work but theres a big issue with this. As you will see in my above conversation I am looking for a “picklist” not a packing list. I need one list that prints with a items on it for every order.




Is there at least a way to bulk print all of them?


Hi Zac,

The quote was to mirror the functionality we have on RMS. We do not provide software on any platform that prints picking lists for all orders at once.

How do you envisage this working exactly? It would print a picklist for all currently unprocessed orders?




The name that yous have for GWO is picklist. I was under the impression that it was an actual picklist not packing list. I was told shipworks would have it but you must transact each order first which defeats the purpose.

If you can highlight all unprocessed person orders and tell it to print all “packing list” at once that would work.



Hi Zac,

I guess it could either be a picklist or a packing list, but it’s a per order list either way.

In any case, we’ll have to go back to @jbw to get a quote on this. Jer, can you quote for a feature to print a picklist for all unprocessed orders at once, please?

Regarding ShipWorks, Zac, I understand that managing quantities isn’t so much of an issue for you. However, for most retailers, they cannot have ShipWorks handle everything because without tendering the orders at the POS, the quantities do not get correctly reduced. Furthermore, if it’s a webstore order as opposed to an Amazon one, ShipWorks does not handle payment processing in any way, so there is no way to alter the order total when you’re processing it; this is common where, for example, one item in an order cannot be fulfilled, or where the shipping charge needs to be adjusted.




They are two different names for a reason one is a packing list for an individual order, the other is a pick list with all upcs and qty for an employee to go around and pull all items.

As far as shipworks when we have 30 amazon orders we print a picklist and it has all the items so our staff can pull all at once. You cant do this though because you must process each order first. I cant process an order if I dont know I have it yet.

See attached Shipworks picklist. I needed this for pos and I would hope there would be no further charge. If it cant be simple like this and it has to be the “packing list” that would work as long as I dont have to indvidually print them. How ever I would just like total Upcs and qty.



The Amazon part in your reply has nothing to do with what im asking.



Please let me know what you find out because we were pulling these orders by the emails and I would rather to continue to do that instead of paying for what this cost. Im hoping theres a solution.



Hi Zac,

Let’s see how much work @jbw estimates is involved and we’ll go from there. I can’t commit to it until we have a handle on what’s involved.

My understanding is: a pick list is list of items that need to be picked from inventory and a packing list is a list of items that need to be included in a package. We have always called our feature a ‘picklist’; I can’t speak to how the feature behaves in ShipWorks because it’s not our software.

In any case, it’s unfortunate that you had a different understanding to us, but there we are. Once we hear back from @jbw, we can take it from there.




Ok thanks for your time. If there is nothing he can do I would like to revert. I will simply print all the order by emails. It will do the same thing that this feature offers.



Okay, no problem, thanks Zac. He’s away for a few days; I’m sure he’ll reply quickly on his return.


For now im going to just transact all my orders at once so there all in shipworks to print a pick list and go back and void any orders that have issues. I dont really want to do it this way so if you have a solution please let me know.