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Automatic reorders?


Is there a way to set customers up for automatic reorders? We sell pet supplies and would like to offer the feature of an auto-ship every X interval, like automatically deliver 2 cases of cat food to me every 1 month.




we don’t currently support recurring orders. If you want to pursue this as a custom development please let us know via a ticket on your Portal.


( @andy )


Hi James,

I’ll do that then. Thank you!



We’re interested in this too :slight_smile:


@StonesPetShop has formally requested -

  • The customer adds an item to their cart
  • In checkout the customer is presented with a “Repeat Delivery” or “Subscription” option, with the ability to select frequency of delivery
  • The reorder is automatically placed within an acceptable timeframe to have it ready for the customer on their requested date
  • The customer can change frequency of re-order and cancel subscriptions at any time
  • If possible, a boolean to disable/enable auto-reorder

NitroSell investigated the request and the cost of the custom development would be minimum $25000 up to $40000.


we are interested in this as well.